YoYo Helicopter

The "YoYo 222" Series 3 helicopter, available in various configurations, allows you to meet the multiple needs of the professional flying sport, the one who desires the best, the one who deserves only the best.

The helicopter created as an original and exclusive work, makes its 172hp Lycoming aeronautical engine a point of distinction in the category, offering top safety and performance, respecting a pure and transparent philosophy it is possible to request all parts in composite of the helicopter with visible carbon. Great importance was given to the interior spaces offering great visibility, space for two comfortable seats with ergonomic controls and two generously sized luggage compartments. The craftsmanship has led to the creation of interiors that are simple on the one hand and practical and technical on the other, offering quality fabrics and leathers expertly mixed with carbon elements …
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Starting from an ambitious idea born from passion for flight, was founded Aero Eli Servizi Costruzioni Aeronautiche having a single goal, namely to build ultralight helicopters equipped with safety systems and similar performances, if not superior, to those of general aviation aircrafts.

Along with the introduction of YOYO Helicopter brand, company presents a new method of flight:



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