YoYo Helicopter

The "YoYo 222" Series 3 helicopter, available in various configurations, allows you to meet the multiple needs of the professional flying sport, the one who desires the best, the one who deserves only the best.

Aero Eli Yo-Yo helicopter has a compact design, due to which it has easy operation, high maneuverability and increased reliability. Furthermore, the aircraft is undemanding in terms of maintenance, which makes it very popular both in Europe and beyond … [Go to the full article]

Starting from an ambitious idea born from passion for flight, was founded Aero Eli Servizi Costruzioni Aeronautiche having a single goal, namely to build ultralight helicopters equipped with safety systems and similar performances, if not superior, to those of general aviation aircrafts.

Along with the introduction of YOYO Helicopter brand, company presents a new method of flight:



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