YoYo Helicopter

The "YoYo 222" Series 3 helicopter, available in various configurations, allows you to meet the multiple needs of the professional flying sport, the one who desires the best, the one who deserves only the best.

The Yoyo project study that began in the 90s, a period of great interest in this field, is quickly approaching the ultralight sector, which lacked the functional two-seater helicopter. This context led to more thoughts on what could mean a technical-practical method, as a result of YOYO develop, a new helicopter created by features and solutions similar to the upper class aircrafts. This option allows a two-way flight, different, but parallel, which would bring and develop technical concepts, studies on materials, design and safety.

The helicopter created as an originally and exclusively project, makes the aircraft propeller Lycoming 172HP scaled to about 135hp continuously to become a point of distinction in this category, offering safety and quality services. According to the philosophy of clarity and transparency, on request, all components of the helicopter can be made in visible carbon fiber. Great importance was given also to the internal spaces, providing greater visibility, space for two comfortable seats with ergonomic controls and two luggage compartments, large size. Distributive attention to the interiors led to a simple interior design on the one hand, and on the other practical and technical with quality cloth and leather combined with carbon elements.

The avionic systems represents a technical innovation detail that allows using both traditional analog systems (with indicators) and a color system EFIS that has a specific program integrated with a properly sized monitor able to include all management parameters of the propeller and the navigation. A simple and intuitive piloting, which enables perfect control in any flight conditions and thanks to the use of particular skids, the pilot can be in perfect accordance with the environment itself.

Safety has always been a primary objective in developing the YOYO project, and so the principal elements that characterize this concept are: aeronautic propeller, two fuel tanks with explosion prevention system, tubular structure with sectoral pressurization of elements, manual and electronic acceleration control, dual system of reading rotor / engine rotations, all principal mechanic components continuously monitored, easily removable passenger controls. The power-to-weight ratio, excellent for a device of this class offers the opportunity to use with no frontiers, the enviable performance of general aviation at low costs.

Type YOYO 222, of 3rd series, available in different versions, was created to meet the many requirements of a performance flight, for those who want the best, for those who deserve the best.

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Type Standard

YoYo Series 3

The "STANDARD" version set up a whole series of YOYO, simple but complete in its structure, which is a clear evidence for the price-quality-performance ratio.

Yo-Yo Standard

Type GTS

YoYo Series 3

A unique description: efficiency. Dedicated equipment placed the aircraft on an intermediate position from YOYO series. This model has been designed to satisfy the most over particular requirements of the pilots.


Type Excel

YoYo Series 3

Designed with no compromises in terms of facilities, this version represents maximum that this series may offer, a helicopter with exclusive potency, being a VIP type in the category related.

Yo-Yo Excel

Type SS190HP

YoYo Series 3

Made without compromise in terms of equipment, it interprets the maximum expression of the YoYo, a helicopter that makes exclusivity its strong point in this top-of-the-range version.

Yo-Yo: SS190HP

Starting from an ambitious idea born from passion for flight, was founded Aero Eli Servizi Costruzioni Aeronautiche having a single goal, namely to build ultralight helicopters equipped with safety systems and similar performances, if not superior, to those of general aviation aircrafts.

Along with the introduction of YOYO Helicopter brand, company presents a new method of flight:



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