• The Idea

    Starting from an ambitious idea born from passion for flight, was founded Aeronautical Services Aero Eri having a single goal, namely to build ultralight helicopters equipped with safety systems and similar performances, if not superior, to those of general aviation aircrafts.
  • New references

    In order to create reference helicopters, part of the same category, quality control is permanently monitored, even from the moment of searching materials appealing to highly qualified foreign suppliers, who are up to date with the latest design techniques.
  • Maintenance

    Nearby "Aeroporto Dei Parchi" in L'Aquila province, surrounded by the natural greenery of Abruzzo region, is located the headquarter of the company represented by a modern factory. Within it, besides the aircrafts production line, certain areas host aircrafts for maintenance and revision services offering the best technical assistance.

News Archive

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